DVF position on the EU Net Zero Industry Act

DVF welcomes the proposal of the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) and fully supports the goals of the European Green Deal. The transformation of mobility urgently requires clean energy, new propulsion systems, alternative fuels and supply infrastructure. Global competition for investment in clean technologies is increasing. The EU needs an effective and rapid response to these challenges. We believe the NZIA can help achieve this goal. The regulation includes a list of particularly important net-zero technologies. These include, for example, RES-E, electrolysers and accumulators. As part of a consultation submission, DVF has asked that e-fuels, sustainable aviation fuels, liquid hydrogen, and carbon utilization (CCU) also be defined as strategically important technologies in the NZIA.

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Strategy paper Digital, secure, interconnected, customisable: improving the framework conditions for smart mobility throughout Europe

Position paper ERTMS/ETCS - Action Plan for the coordinated introduction of the system

September 2015 – Joint position paper of the Rail Technology and Rail Transport steering committees of the German Transport Forum

  • Benefits of ERTMS/ETCS
  • Progress made introducing the system
  • Obstacles to introducing the system
  • Recommendations of the steering committees