Überwachung von Kohlendioxidemissionen aus dem Seeverkehr

Das DVF hat zur Überarbeitung der EU-Verordnung für die Überwachung von CO2-Emissionen aus dem Seeverkehr Stellung genommen. Aus Sicht des DVF ist eine möglichst vollständige Angleichung der EU-MRV-Vorschriften an die neuen Regelungen der Internationalen Seeschifffahrtsorganisation IMO erforderlich:
"DVF fully supports the aim to reduce GHG emissions from ships. However, this challenge has to be tackled on a global level. The EU MRV Shipping Regulation should be fully aligned with the IMO DCS in order to prevent competitive distortions and to avoid parallel, double or contradicting requirements. Fuel consumption and load factor of vessels depend to a large extent on transport requirements that are specific to the market segment the shipowner is operating in. For policy decision-making or for the markets it is not possible to draw straightforward and objective conclusions from these data as to which shipping line is environmentally superior or not."