Our aims

Mobility for Germany

The aim of the “Deutsches Verkehrsforum” (DVF) is to promote an efficient, user-friendly and sustainable integrated transport system.

The Deutsches Verkehrsforum is the only multi-modal industry association for passenger and cargo transport in Europe. We see our role as that of an "advocate for mobility". It is all about maintaining and further enhancing the framework conditions for mobility as an essential requirement for growth and employment. DVF today represents companies and associations, manufacturers, service-providers, consulting firms and transport users. Our 170 members reflect the entire chain of economic value added of mobility. We connect the transport industry with other sectors like energy, construction, IT, finance and consulting.

In constant dialogue with politicians, scientists, the media and the public at large, the Deutsches Verkehrsforum acts as

  • Promoter of interests: We consolidate the common interests of the transport sector towards policy, media and society in Berlin and Brussels
  • Network provider: We bring together national and European decision makers from policy, industry and associations
  • Platform provider: We organize more than 30 high-level events like parliamentary panel discussions, symposia and expert workshop on major issues and current topics all around mobility
  • Topic driver and expertise provider: In our Steering Committees and working groups we develop policy positions and fundamental strategies in close cooperation with experts from our member companies

Great importance of mobility

We want to further highlight the importance of the transport sector for the open public and business and enhance the awareness on civil society and on policy level – and we want to improve the framework conditions for the sector.

Future-proof and demand-oriented infrastructure

Our transport infrastructure is a fundamental basis for the economic power of Germany. Our aim is to create an infrastructure which substance is maintained and further invested in to keep pace with demand as well as inter-connected on European level. Therefore, the necessary key priorities in infrastructure planning and a constant high public investment budget are needed and at the same time a stronger involvement of private partners in finance.

Environmentally-friendly, energy efficient and low-noise mobility

We plead for a balanced climate policy and a realistic handling of the noise emission topic from transport. Environmental interests and economic requirements need to be politically considered on equal level and ecologic progress should be fostered through investments in new technologies.

Smart and interlinked transport systems

We stand for smart logistic chains where all transport modes can make full use of their individual strength and advantages. Relevant data should be freely exchangeable along the transport chain across companies, systems and national state barriers.

Safe, customer-friendly and affordable mobility

The transport sector provides a reliable supply and safe mobility for all citizens in business, day-to-day-life and spare time. It is our ambition that moving around does not become a luxury good. Safety of infrastructure and vehicles should be further enhanced.

Keep Germany competitive as a location for logistics

The German transport sector provides the preconditions for German industry companies for internationally shared businesses and to be world market leaders. We stand for the necessary competitive framework conditions, in particular toward transport infrastructure, transport costs, taxes and safety standards. Further, an excellent professional training for qualified personnel as well as attractive working conditions for junior employees should be ensured.